Sunday, January 13, 2013

emergency story

Read two books in last 2 days. "Durbar" by Tavleen singh and "Sanjay story" by Vinod Mehta. The first was story from imposition of emergency to death of Rajiv Gandhi and the second was story of Sanjay Gandhi. Following observations came to mind

a) A politician is as worse as the company as he keeps which is in itself a reflection of ones character and understanding. Sanjay was 12th pass, diffident and no good who came to fore during imposition of emergency and he used the same simplistic approach that he can fathom to complex problems making things worse rather than solving anything. Rajiv was a foreign educated refined person but with no understanding of India and no experience of politics. So his apolitical solution to problems in Kashmir, Punjab, Sri Lanka led to political problems being transformed into conflicts and human suffering.

b) Democracy is not a divine right for anyone. Things can change very easily,so always be on the lookout for providing enormous power to any specific individual or sets of individual.

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Prashant Kumar said...

who should lookout ? we are the victims